Book Club: Purple Cow

Purple Cow

In 2002, Seth Godin wrote a book called, Purple Cow: Transform your business by being remarkable, believing “We can no longer market directly to the masses.”

The basic theory is consumers are inundated with advertisements at an alarming rate and it’s becoming impossible to break through the noise without presenting something remarkable or different… such as a purple cow. 

Godin wrote this book in 2002… I think it’s safe to say his hypothesis is and remains correct. 

Since the release of Purple Cow marketers have discovered even more ways to inundate us with ads and marketing campaigns. 

Email marketing has become more difficult than ever before. Actually reaching someone’s inbox vs spam or a promotions tab is an ongoing headache for nearly everyone that invests resources into email marketing campaigns. 

Social media platforms serve us boring advertisements and even some of our old high school friends have taken to posting ads organically (mostly for diet pills, meal prep, or tanning). 

Worse yet, marketers are sending us text messages in greater frequency. 

The premise of Purple Cow is that we must find ways to STAND OUT from other marketing campaigns and find new ways to grab attention. 

You can achieve a Purple Cow status several ways…

  • Offer a product or service so remarkable it doesn’t require paid advertising (Tesla spends a grand total of $0 each year on advertising while other players trying to invade the electric car space spend millions).

  • Don’t copy and paste the same old email copy over and over again… the prospect has likely read the same follow up email you’re about to press send on a dozen times. Think of a way to stand out in someone’s inbox.

  • Consider what your BEST prospects, customers, clients would consider a remarkable product/service or remarkable advertising… then do that. 


  • Identify audiences and personas who will be enamored with your offering. Godin offers the example of those who attend Sci-Fi conventions… these people drive several hours to attend events, share with their friends, and are more than willing to part with their money in exchange for the latest merchandise or movie. 

Online marketing can no longer count on inexpensive CPL’s or organic reach to deliver results. 

We must find ways to cut through the noise, identify the metrics/results that matter most, and capture our audience’s attention through remarkable means. 


Why should you read this book? 


Godin’s book is a fairly quick read and makes you consider if your marketing efforts are boring or if you’re doing anything to be remarkable. 

Worth your time! 

If you’re afraid your marketing is boring or wish to create a remarkable marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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